Why Publishers Work with APS

We take care of the production so that you can focus on curating top-notch content. 

By providing a range of high-quality, tailor-made solutions at competitive prices, APS takes out the pain in publishing.

Read through to see our various publishing fulfilment services.

Publisher Services


Manuscript Review and Customer Service

We can setup a web-based platform that can greatly streamline the review process.

Proofreading and Editing

Let our master’s and PhD qualified staff make sure there are no mistakes in your journal issues.


Printing, Mailing and Distribution

Let us take care of distribution. We have advanced technology and capabilities that enable us to efficiently and effectively deliver your content for less. Whether physically printed and mailed or delivered online, we can save you time and money.

Subscription/ Management

Journal Promotion and Marketing

Let us use our resources and expertise to help you market your journal. From direct mail and email to social media and web design, we can strengthen your bond with existing subscribers and help you build relationships with new ones.

Subscription Management

Let us be your “back office” so you and your staff can focus on editorial content. We can handle all aspects of your journal subscription fulfillment. We will use our expertise and technology to increase your subscriber base, and we will streamline and enhance the subscription renewal process.

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