Having an extra set of eyes to look at your draft can help you prepare and present your manuscript in its best light. Our editors working in your field of study will look at your manuscript to make sure that it is free of the following
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Grammar errors

What you get when you avail of proofreading

You will get high-quality outputs from our editors who will help you with the following

How to get started with proofreading

Availing of the proofreading service from American Publishing Services is quick and easy. 
Follow these simple steps to get started having your draft proofread.

Submit Your Manuscript Online
Submit your manuscript by filling out our manuscript submission portal or sending it via email at
Manuscript is Reviewed and Edited

Manuscript is being assessed by the managing editor and turned over to an editor in your field of study to be edited.

Edited Manuscript is Returned to the Author
Once the the copyediting process is done, a copy of the edited manuscript and recommendations are returned to the author in as fast as 24 hours.


Getting your manuscript read by a professional shouldn’t break the bank.
Rates for proofreading starts at $0.035 per word.

Need more help?

Please feel free to visit our Contact Us page or send an email to 

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