Translating your work enables you to reach more people who can benefit from the knowledge that you’ve uncovered.

APS works with a team of world-class academics in different fields of study who are highly-proficient in academic translation. 

We offer translation to English for documents written in Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, German, French, Russian, Thai, and others.

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American Publishing Services is focused on communicating the work of academics and researchers in the areas of economic and administrative sciences. In 2019, I had the experience of publishing a research paper in one of their journals. The experience was very pleasant and the service provided by the journal's editorial board was excellent. A personalized, accurate and effective service, which is appreciated and recognized. My team and my university are very satisfied with the attention we received from APS.
Dr. Luis Ibarra-Morales
Sonora State University
Votre service de traduction fournit un travail très professionnel. Les traductions effectuées sont parfaites. Le tarif des prestations est très compétitif. Je le recommande vivement. Vous pouvez publier un extrait de mon article.
Prof. Nicolas Piluso
My experience in the translation and in the publication of my article “Criminal businessmen, commodity frontiers and the Colombian State” was very positive. I always had knowledge and final control of the translation and editing work. The translation process was fast, as was the review and publication, given the slow time these issues usually take. I can advise anyone who is interested in publishing for a wide English-language academic audience to go through this process.
Dr. Marco Palacios
Profesor-investigador, El Colegio de México, A. C.

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