Who is American Publishing Services?

American Publishing Services (APS) is a provider of a range of services to help individual researchers and journal editors focus on their research and content without having to worry about production anymore.

APS was founded in 2018 and in a short span of two years, it has made a broad impact on the publishing industry. As of writing, APS has helped 3,500 authors to publish their articles by providing them with pre-production services such as editing and translation. Aside from this, APS has produced over 1,000 journal issues in different subjects including Business, Economics, Science and Technology, and higher education.

To date, APS continues to strive to become a key leader the journal publishing category. We aim to achieve this by providing the best possible service that individual researchers and journal publishers need.

But we don’t want to be just a service provider. We want to be your Publishing Partner. When you work with APS, you’ll always be greated by warm and helpful APS representatives who will be helping you in the whole service process. Our experience and expertise will not just help complete your project but also recommend the best course of action to take. Our transparency, attention to detail, and sense of responsibility will help ensure that your project don’t fall through the cracks. We ultimately want to contribute to your success.

Why American publishing Services?

APS has been making news because:

  • APS has produced over 1,000 journal issues.
  • APS has helped over 3,500 authors to publish their articles.
  • APS is known for its instant and quality services.
  • APS has a world-class team of specialists and professionals with advanced degrees from schools such as Cornell and Harvard.
  • The quality we provide far exceeds the price we charge.

Interested to learn more about APS and our services? visit American Publishing Services to know more.

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